Signs You Need Commercial AC Repairs

Are you unhappy about aircon servicing the indoor air quality in your commercial buildings? Your employees might be complaining of congestion and a cough. Maybe you have noticed strange sounds coming from your AC system.

Air conditioners that are commercially used are complex pieces. Aircon of Singapore will help you if anything aircon servicing singapore goes wrong. Our HVAC technicians are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC systems for residential and commercial properties. These problems can be serious and you should immediately call us.

1. Strange Smells from Vents

Are you and your employees experiencing strange odors from your vents or are they noticing them? It could be that your vents are smelling musty, or even plastic. This could be an indication that your singapore aircon servicing AC unit may not be working properly. Employees may feel uncomfortable and unwell. Poor ventilation and air quality should not be a problem for employees’ health. Contact your local Aircon of Singapore to have commercial air conditioning repaired if you notice the following:

Burnt, or arid, smells

The presence of metal, chemical, or burnt odors could indicate that wires may have been damaged, short-circuiting, or are melting. You should immediately call an air conditioner company if you aircon service singapore detect a burning odor.

Stale and Funky Odors

It is possible that the air quality in commercial properties is not as fresh as it should be. This could mean that your filters are in need of replacement. It is possible that pests have infested your AC systems. Pests can find their way into your HVAC system through the vents. Small animals like rats and mice can bring waste, leaves and trash into your HVAC system.

Musty Scents

Are your employees calling in sick a lot more than usual? You might have caught a cold or other illness in your office. Your air conditioners could be infected with mildew or mold. Aircon, a professional aircon service company, specializes in improving indoor air quality for residential and commercial customers. We offer duct cleaning services and UVC and ultra violet light installation services to kill bacteria and maintain your HVAC system in top condition.

2. Energy bill increases

AC units experiencing unexpected increases in energy bills can be a sign that there is trouble. It could be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be that your thermostat is giving inaccurate readings to the singapore aircon service commercial air conditioner. The problem could be caused by programming errors or electrical issues. Additional strain could be caused by a refrigerant leakage or clogged filters. Aircon of Singapore offers commercial air conditioning.

3. Irregular Temperatures and Short-Cycling

If an AC unit isn’t working well, it might not be capable of managing indoor temperatures within a particular zone. This could lead to an uncomfortable or stuffy work environment—particularly cheap aircon service singapore in the middle of a Texas summer. Short-cycling refers to a condition where the AC unit stops and starts at short intervals. If your HVAC unit doesn’t keep consistent temperatures, it is likely that it is defective. Short-cycling could be caused by several factors, including:

The wrong size

A commercial AC unit should not exceed the required size to cool your property. An AC unit that is too large will cool the area, but it will also shut off too quickly so that cold air doesn’t evaporate as fast. This will cause rapid cycling. The system won’t be able to keep up with the heat and cooling demands.

Bad airflow

Filters that are dirty can cause your AC system to stop working properly. Obstructions in the airflow can make your cheap aircon servicing sigapore AC system work harder to cool down your building. The cycle will be stopped before it ends to prevent overheating.

Low levels of refrigerant

Refrigerant is critical for AC units to function properly. If the refrigerant levels are below the required level, the AC unit will stop functioning.

Evaporator Coils that have become dirty or frozen

If you do not invest in regular maintenance, your unit will not run at its full potential. This is caused by dirt and grime accumulating on various parts, such as the evaporator tubes. Insufficient airflow can cause the coils to freeze. If the coils are not allowed to move freely, they can freeze.

4. Alarming Noises

There will be occasional operating sounds from your HVAC system when it turns on and off, especially when the thermostat is turned on. These sounds are normal and should not be considered alarming. These sounds are normal and not alarming.

Squealing usually indicates a problem in the fan belt, bearings or condenser fanmotor.

The clicking sound indicates aircon servicing company singapore a problem with the relay or control panel.

Rattling may indicate that something is missing or that debris has become lodged on the roofs or other outdoor units.

Wear parts like the belt or fan blades could cause the machine to start clacking or if it is still running.