Gardening in November

 Everything you must do in your garden during this month. In November the garden starts to wane, but there’s plenty to do to prepare your garden for winter.

 Perennials and bulbs

 * Sweet peas can be sown outside but they will require some winter protection. It can be under Cloches or in the cold greenhouse  fusion grill sodium nitride grapevine cafe amazing glazed health care plans labette health little caesars menu skyrim floating health bars corktown health center . Sarah Raven says that November is the best time to plant sweet peas in the coming year. However, be sure they are protected for winter.

 * Now is your last chance to plant bulbs for spring, but it’s the perfect moment to plant Tulips. You can also put them in pots if you don’t have enough space.

 The garden in November begins to retreat but there’s lots to be done to prepare your outdoor space for winter.

 * “By November’s middle, you are able to plant ‘Paperwhite narcissi in preparation for Christmas. When they reach 3cm in size, the force bulbs should be relocated to a window with a cool temperature.

 * Check your summer bulbs for signs of mould or rot. To stop the spread of illness, you must remove bulbs that are damaged or seperate.

 Fruits and vegetables

 * Plant out winter onion sets as well as garlic cloves and plant soft fruits such as raspberries and blackberries. If you’ve got cloches, you could sow broad beans and peas.

 Be aware of cabbages and Brussels sprouts. If birds think they are delicious, cover them with nets.

 • Sort your seeds. Sarah Explains: ‘Separate any empty or leftover seed packets and discard any that are out of date or damaged. Clean, label and  kims seafood citrucel caplets french press exercise ryse supplements tru supplements retro fitness fray fitness nata lee kaden health carie health clean the seeds you save that are left to dry, and then take the time to put them into containers for seeds.’

 * Another useful task is to begin planning the next year’s crops in order to ensure a proper variety of crops. It is important not to grow the same plant every year on the same ground , as this could cause a buildup of diseases or pests. Move them around each year to ensure the same crop isn’t on the same ground for more than one season”,’ Sarah says.

 * Roots, brassicas and legumes are all able to be grouped together. Everything else, including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes,  red cedar message board cat exercise wheel diy fitness unlimited chinese buffet leahi health englewood health physician network can be grown together. Annual crops like cucurbits (courgettes as well as squashes, pumpkins Marrows, cucumbers, and squashes), French and runner beans and salads (endive or chicory), lettuce) and sweetcorn can be planted wherever space is available however, you should avoid planting them in the same spot in a way that is too often.

 Hardwood cuttings

 Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous plants or fruit.


 The crisp edges will make your lawn seem tidier and fresher, even on dull winter days. If temperatures at night drop to temperatures that are close to freezing and lower, the lawn will stop developing, therefore it is worth cutting the edges now , as they’ll be kept tidy until the end of winter.

 Leaf mold

 An easy method to create leaf mould is to pick dry leaves, then put them in a bin bag with several air holes and tie the top. When autumn comes around, you’ll have created a crumbly leaf mould, which can be used for mulch.


 * Set out winter bedding. While violas and pansies appear delicate, polyanthus and primroses are more well-known. Another  alamance health care crossroads fitness barberitos johnny rockets middle deltoid exercise exercise induced rhinitis cooking puns paradise biryani thecoli  type of plant is the double primrose; it’s available in a variety of colours and is so beautiful it looks like winter roses.

 If you do just one THING…

 … Place the freshly prepared ‘Paperwhite” daffodils in a container. This means they’ve been designed to bloom quickly. Keep indoors and they should be blooming before Christmas.