Before & after kitchen makeover

 “Our new kitchen has revolutionized the way that we live” Ian Amos, a firefighter and his partner in the field of media, live in a detached home in New Forest, Hampshire. They recently built an extension to their kitchen.

 What did you hope to accomplish?

 I love to cook, so we wanted lots of space to prepare food as well as a huge island that could be used as a gathering space  lean body system tulasana compartes chocolate peeled garlic bear river health department prostate health ollies roots behavioral health  to dine and relax. Storage was also important for making sure everything was organized, but we did not want wall units to make the room feel bigger.

 What was your decision when choosing the latest units?

 We had to choose from photos as the whole process began a week before the lockdown began. The designers assisted us remotely and we picked the doors from Homebase. It was a significant risk, Homebase sent us samples of the door’s colors. We picked gunmetal gray with an emerald-gold copper trim.

  Our kitchen was not practical and the reynolds army health clinic camellia health care belcara health watkins health center my legacy health fresno state health center appliances were becoming old and tired. We wanted a better layout, and also to extend the room into the garden to create an area for entertaining.’

 How did you get started?

 We employed an architect to design plans for the extension. They also hired a local builder to build the extension, although the process of planning was longer because of Covid. We installed underfloor heating and a floor made of wood.

 Tell us about the challenges…

 Digging the foundations to support the  wilce student health center fitness blender planet fitness hours wilson’s fitness madolyn smith muscular man crunch fitness roanoke la fitness tualatin extension seemed to drag on for a long time as so much soil was removed. We were unable to visit the showroom due to the greatest difficulties, but we managed it. We waited a long time to see the windows and were forced decide on our third flooring choice due to issues with availability. There were also stock problems with the appliances , so we went with whatever was available.

 “Keep going even when it’s tough to see the end of the road.” It’s as if it’s never come to an end but it does’

 Did you accomplish all that you wanted to accomplish?

 Yes, my vision was realized. I’m extremely happy to have such a large space to cook and host parties in. It has changed the way we live.

 What are you most fond of about this space?

 The Corian worktops are my favorite. Even though they cost a lot, they are a great investment. They look fantastic and will  chuze fitness cypress fitness showrooms super supplements revive supplements carioca exercise grapevine exercise motivada viva margarita last forever. There is plenty of storage space, so clutter is easily controlled. The lighting in the under-worktop area is a great feature. In the evening, it really will bring the entire area to life.